Passionate about Food and Nutrition, I specialise in gut health, intuitive eating, and plant-based nutrition. I practice in a non-restrictive, non-judgemental, and sustainable approach. It is important to me to share evidence-based nutrition to support and empower you in making informed choices about the food you enjoy and discovering what works for you through getting in touch with your hunger and satiety signals.

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Our bodies are unique in so many ways, so I am passionate about celebrating this, and supporting you in finding a way of eating which works for you. 

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I  am dedicated to providing nutrition and dietary advice to support you with your health, and building a healthy relationship with both food, and body. I am passionate about working against restrictive diets, to find a  balanced lifestyle - one that works and is sustainable for you, culturally, socially, economically.

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media and brand work

I have collaborated with brands, such as EcoRefill and Ryvita on their 30in30 challenge, and worked with Dietitians including Hala El-Shafie, and Sian Shepherd. I have experience tutoring and presenting to large audiences, and am available for in-house or virtual nutrition collaborations. Please get in touch to discuss areas of interest you may like to collaborate on!

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I have experience creating a successful nutrition event, the NutriChats, established my podcast, "The Nutrition Nourishment Podcast" and Instagram @nutritionnourishment. I am available for in-house or virtual nutrition presentations, and events. I have a range of expertise including in gut health, plant-based nutrition, and intuitive eating. Please get in touch to discuss areas of interest you may like to collaborate on!

blog writing

I write well-research, engaging nutrition blogsAs with the way I practice, I write in a non-judgemental, inclusive, and evidence-based manner. I have written several articles on a wide range of topics including on gut health, myth-busting & dietary pattern themes for Registered Nutritionists and Dietitians including Rhiannon LambertSophie BertrandRo Huntriss, and Claire Petitte

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recipe development

Working as a Chef in a 2-starred Michelin kitchen, and having recipe experience in Nutrition Nourishment, I hold cooking and recipe development skills.

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"A big thank you to Emilia for sharing her high-quality nutrition advice and expertise amidst all the confusing nonsense and fad diets out there at the moment. She really helped me understand how to turn my back on diet culture. I have recommended her to my friends!"

Ajit, Harrow,  Educator/ Teacher

Three seasons of inspiring guests, sharing their journeys, experiences, and advice within Food and Nutrition with us.

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email me at: emilia@nutritionnourishment.com or click HERE for more details on working with me