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my journey


I was always interested in the link between food and health. I took A-Levels in Chemistry, Art, and Psychology with AS-Level History. While I knew I wanted to go to University, I was passionate about all of these subjects and was not sure which one I wanted to pursue. One day in my final year of school my mum was looking through University Prospectus' (we had mountains of them) and she said to me Nutrition and I knew straight away it was way for me!


At this point, we started looking at Universities which offered Nutrition and the University of Leeds offered a fantastic programme, with lots of interesting modules and several links with universities to go abroad to. It was also a campus-based University, close to the city which appealed to me. I chose to apply for a BSc in Food Science and Nutrition to get a background in Food Science, understand the chemistry of food and machinery of the industry, to help support my Nutrition learning. I was very excited when I was accepted!

After working hard, it felt like the pieces began to fit like a puzzle.

The rest is really history! I loved my first 2 years studying for my degree and was so excited to study abroad. Whilst in Australia I took the opportunity to expand my learning, taking psychology, peadiatric health, anatomy, sports nutrition, and cultural modules. In Australia, my passion for my subject further developed while I enjoyed learning about nutrition from a different perspective, and immersed myself in local life. In my final year at the University of Leeds, I enjoyed learning about how chronic diseases are linked to food such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. During my final year, I worked as a part-time Commis Chef at Le Manoir aux Quat' Saisons which taught me a lot about leadership, organisation,  and cookery - skills which I apply to my everyday life, and enjoy combining with my nutrition knowledge on Instagram @nutritionnourishment. 

I applied via portfolio to the AfN in the Summer of 2020 and was awarded my Registered Associate Nutrition title after that.  It was also around this time I established my podcast, The Nutrition Nourishment Podcast which has evolved over the past years to share other nutrition journeys and extertise. It was my interest in the link between food and disease and my desire to provide the best quality nutrition care I can which drove me to pursue further study at UCL with an MSc in Clinical and Public Health Nutrition. Throughout my degrees, I took time to upskill in various areas including gut health where I focussed both of my dissertations on, intuitive eating doing Laura Thomas' course for professionals, and children nutrition doing an Early Start course.

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my mission

"my personal mission is to empower you with evidence-based nutrition knowledge, as well as cooking, and movement advice so you can make decisions about your dietary pattern and lifestyle that support your health and happiness."

what is next?

I am a Registered Associate Nutritionist enjoying working as a freelance Nutritionist and a Dietetic Assistant in the NHS. I am enjoying sharing evidence-based nutrition on Instagram, and am excited to see where my podcast takes me and am so excited to keep on sharing my journey with you all of you.

Emilia x

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