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My 2020 started in bed, asleep. I had norovirus and had been very ill for 7hours straight (I'll spare you the details!). Despite this, I was very excited about what the year ahead had to bring with many ambitions and things I wanted to achieve.  It was early January that we first heard about COVID-19. 

We knew it was bad but had no idea what was waiting ahead of us. The weekend of the 14th March is when it all really started to change for us. I spent a full day at the library on Tuesday 17th March working on my dissertation. We had just under 2 weeks left of the semester and I was trying to get as much of it completed as possible. Throughout that afternoon, we started receiving lots of e-mails about lectures and seminars being cancelled and changes in assessments. It all felt very surreal. When I left the Edward Boyle Library at 8pm that night, I didn't know, but it was my last day on campus. That evening, we were told the libraries were closed until further notice, for the protection of all student and staff, eventually, everything closed. 

That Thursday myself, my boyfriend and his sister drove back down south. The following day my sister landed home from Canada. 

My family and I are now on Day 31 of self-isolation. I have found keeping a routine key for day-to-day life. I get up, usually do a morning workout or run followed by breakfast and a post to my Instagram @nutritionnourishment and get on with studying. I try to finish work before dinner and have an evening relaxing, watching TV, catching up my family and friends over the internet. 

Feel very lucky currently to be home with my family, to have a garden, a passion for my subject and be able to stay in touch with my friends and Finn. 

Stay Safe. Stay Home. 

Emilia x

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