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Our bodies are unique in so many ways, so I am passionate about celebrating this, and supporting you in finding a way of eating which works for you. 

Green Goodness

I  am dedicated to providing nutrition and dietary advice to support you with your health, and building a healthy relationship with both food, and body. I am passionate about working against restrictive diets, to find a  balanced lifestyle - one that works and is sustainable for you, culturally, socially, and economically.

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I have experience creating a successful nutrition event, the NutriChats, established my podcast, "The Nutrition Nourishment Podcast", Instagram @nutritionnourishmentand host "The Reset" on River Radio. I am available for in-house or virtual nutrition presentations, and events. I have a range of expertise including in gut health, plant-based nutrition, and intuitive eating. Please get in touch to discuss areas of interest you may like to collaborate on!

I write well-research, and engaging nutrition blogsAs with the way I practice, I write in a non-judgemental, inclusive, and evidence-based manner. I have written several articles on a wide range of topics including gut health, myth-busting & dietary pattern themes for Registered Nutritionists and Dietitians including Rhiannon LambertSophie BertrandRo Huntriss, and Claire Petitte


Working as a Chef in a 2-starred Michelin kitchen, and having recipe experience in Nutrition Nourishment, I hold cooking and recipe development skills.

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