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Hello Everyone and Happy Wednesday! Can you believe it is half way through the week again?

This week I shared a post on Instagram of a mixed berry smoothie. It is one I would definately reccomend, it is sweet, tasty and a great way to use up the odds and ends of fruit you have lying around!

I had everything from figs, to pears and blueberries in mine, but it is such an adapatbale recipe to what you have in the house! I think this is such an important thing to consider when making recipes, and it is some tips I am going to try and keep sharing with you!

I made this and was inspired by the deep purple colour to make an infographic to share some evidence-based nutrition with you all. Anthocyanins are part of the polyphenol, famous for their powerful antioxidant properties. Research has linked them with reducing the risk of several chronic diseases. I have shared some more details nd resoucrs below!

This smoothie also has inspired me to share more about sustainability and why it is so important to consider what you have in the kitchen when cooking and when putting your shopping list together. Reducing our food waste would have a HUGE impact on the environment!

Something which has recently been coming up alot lately when I talk with other people about this issue. On my podcast both Holly and Sonia mentioned Love Food Hate Waste, and it is a website I would recommend checking out! They have some great tips of how to reduce food waste and some delcious recipes too!

Love Food Hate Waste Website:

I hope this recipe, anthocyanin infomation and sustainability tips help you on your journeys!

Emilia x


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