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how we can eat more sustainably

So last week I did something exciting which was have my first article published by someone else!

Last Friday my piece "How You Can Eat More Sustainably" was posted on Rhitrition, and I am delighted to be able to share this news!

Sustainability is something I am very passionate about and was really excited at the opportunity to read more into it and share what I've learned. I think the most important thing to get across is that a sustainable diet is one which is sustainable for both you and the planet (1, 2). Figures suggest as high as 30% of global greenhouse gas emissions are linked to the food industry (3). This is attributed to the increasing demands on the meat industry and deforestation for agriculture (4), and it is contributing to the loss of bio-cultural and agricultural diversity (5).

In this blog, share more about the link between food and planet, what a sustainable diet is with consideration to social, economic, cultural and enviromental factors, and some advice for how we can get invovled and eat more sustainable!



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