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the gut microbiome & ageing

In this latest blog I have contributed to with Sian Shepherd, RD, as intern for, for Symprove For Professionals, we wrote about the changes that occur in our gut microbiome as we age. The gut microbiome is an area I have always been interested in, having focused on it in my BSc and now MSc dissertations. This was a great opportunity to look at the changes to our gut microbiome throughout our lifetime, and what we can do to support our gut health.

Ageing is determined by complex interactions between genetic and environmental factors. Research to date suggests that alterations to the gut microbiome may lie at the core of many age-associated changes, including immune system dysregulation, metabolic alterations, and susceptibility to disease, for example cardiovascular disease, rheumatoid arthritis and type II diabetes (1, 2, 3) although it remains unclear whether these alterations are a cause or consequence of ageing.

In this piece, we looked into the evidence of how age-related changes are associated with the microbiome and have provided some general recommendations of how we can support a benefical composition of our gut microbiome.



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