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Creamy Salmon

06th May 2021


2-3 Portions


30 mins

A delicious one pan sauce, perfect with your favorite grains - from rice, to pasta, and on toast!

My Tip: Add in different veggies or swap the salmon for a different protein - this simple recipe is adaptable to exactly what you love!


* 1 Tbsp vegetable oil
* 1 Large white onion, diced
* 100g Tender stem broccoli, chopped roughly into 0.5cm pieces
* 2 Salmon fillets, cut into 1cm pieces
* 2-3 Tbsp red pesto
* 3 Cups Plain yoghurt or crème fraiche
* Salt and pepper to season


1. Place a frying pan on a medium heat, add the vegetable oil and onion cooking until soft and translucent.

2. Add the broccoli to the same pan, cooking until starting to soften and going a little crisp.

3. Add the salmon and red pesto to the same pan. Keep an eye on this, stirring regularly until the salmon is pink, about 7-10 minutes.

4. Finally, turn the heat low and stir through the yoghurt or crème fraiche. Finish by seasoning to taste.

5. Serve with grains of your choice, and enjoy!

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