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Green Banana Smoothie

9th September 2023


1 Portion


5 mins

This is a quick and easy go to smoothie I love to reach for especially when it is hot outside, made with just 4 ingredients! On warmer days, smoothies can be a perfect snack - with the dairy providing a source of protein, helping keep us fuller and feeling more satisfied for longer! It’s also provides a source of fluid, helping keep us hydrated on these hot days where we often need more fluid to make up for what we loose!

My Tip: Best served over ice!


* 1 Banana
* 3 Tbsp yoghurt
* A large glug of milk
* A large handful of spinach

This is all rough and I eye ball a lot of it to the consistency I enjoy! For example, if you like it thicker, add less milk or thinner add more! Check out my insagram reel for more on this!


1. Put all the ingredients in a blender, and blend well!

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