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Tomato Balsamic Chutney

15th September 2023


1 Portion


10 mins

Tomatoes are such a versatile ingredient! Making them into this quick and simple tomato balsamic chutney is a super tasty way to enjoy them, and can add flavour to lots of dishes! It’s also the perfect recipe for if your tomatoes have gone past their best, helping to avoid food waste!

My Tip: I love this on cheesy grilled toast - as on my Instagram!


* 1/2 Red onion, finely diced
* 1 Tsp Rapeseed oil
* 1 Garlic clove, crushed
* 1 Large handful of cherry tomatoes, roughly chopped
* 1 Tbsp balsamic vinegar


1. Place the oil in a frying pan on a medium heat.Add the onion and sweat down until softed.

2. Add the crushed garlic and tomatoes.

3. Once softened, add a large splash of balsamic vinegar, remove from the heat, and put on a lid to let the residual heat finish the cooking, making it all soft and sticky.

4. And it’s ready to enjoy with lots of different dishes!

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