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blog writing and recipe development


I provide well-research, engaging nutrition blogs. As with the way I practice, I write in a non-judgemental, inclusive, and evidence-based manner. I have written several articles on a wide range of topics including on gut health, myth-busting & dietary pattern themes for Registered Nutritionists and Dietitians including Rhiannon Lambert, Sophie Bertrand, Ro Huntriss, and Claire Petitte. Working as a Chef in a 2-starred Michelin kitchen, and having recipe experience in Nutrition Nourishment, I hold cooking and recipe development skills.

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Work with Emilia 

​Discover the ways Emilia can support you.  Expert services range from corporate wellness to brand consultancy, nutrition writing and recipe development.

media, events, and collaborations

I have experience creating a successful nutrition event, the NutriChats, established my podcast, "The Nutrition Nourishment Podcast" and Instagram @nutritionnourishment. I have collaborated with brands, such as EcoRefill and Ryvita on their 30in30 challenge, and worked with Dietitians including Hala El-Shafie, and Sian Shepherd. I have experience tutoring and presenting to large audiences, and am available for in-house or virtual nutrition presentations, collaborations, events & more! Please get in touch to discuss areas of interest you may like to collaborate on!

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