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the podcast

The Nutrition Nourishment Podcast (origianlly under the title "Journeys in Food, Nutrition and Sustainability") is a show where I talk with inspiring and knowledgable guests all about their expertise in their own fields, including those from nutrition and dietetics, to sustainability,  and psychology and many more areas of wellness and healthcare. In this podcast, my guests share with you their passion for their subject, their knoweldeg of food, nutrition and wellbeing, how they got to where they are and, their advice, and experiences with us. If you are a student, someone thinking about studying in one of these fields, or just interested in learning more about the world of Nutrition, you can listen to the podcast on Spotify, Itunes, Google Podcast, and other podcast streaming platforms. I hope we can help to inspire your journeys - do get in touch with us if you have any questions or feedback! 

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