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graduating in 2020

When I first heard about coronavirus, I did not realise how much it was going to change the next few months, and potentially years of life.

It has been hard adapting to studying and working towards my degree at home, but I did it, I have completed my Undergraduate degree!

So after 2 months of studying, finishing my dissertation and sitting exams, I began to wonder what is next? I have been applying for all opportunities in the Nutrition industry that I can, I am open to working freelance, gain work experience, volunteer and intern. I am trying to find experience, but it has been very tough.

My next step has been trying to create experiences. I have been developing my knowledge through plenty of CPD. I have completed shadowing experiences. I have committed to my Nutrition Instagram (@nutritionnourishment) where I share my nutrition and food science knowledge as easy-to-understand information. My most recent venture has been to set-up a podcast; Journeys in Food, Nutrition and Sustainability, where I will be talking to guests about their journeys in the industry. I really hope my podcast can help others looking for opportunities, but not quite knowing what to do next on their journeys.

I have found by making these experiences, I have gained so much more. I have gained a network of colleagues and friends. My confidence has increased. I have gained so many computer and social media skills. And I have had fun whilst doing it!

Emilia x


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Sharing simple and delicious recipes including lunches, dinners and sweets.

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Sharing journeys within Food, Nutrition, and Dietetics.

the podcast

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