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This morning marked the second coffee morning I have ran with The NutriTribe. It was so great to see familiar and some new faces turn up. The theme this month was Continued Processional Development (CPD), and so many useful points came out of it. So I thought I would share a few over here.

What Is CPD?

It is the ongoing learning which nutritionists must do to maintain and expand their knowledge. As students, we can do it to contribute to becoming an ANutr.

Once an ANutr, you must keep up regular CPD, record it and have evidence to be able to transfer to an RNutr status after 3-5 years (1).

Are You Looking For Free CPD?

Here is a great list of examples which came out of today:

· My NutriWeb. Offers free, CPD-accredited learning for nutrition and health care professionals. You can watch these live or recorded (2).

· The British Nutrition Foundation. A registered charity to help make nutritional more accessible. They offer webinars and other events. You can often watch these live or recorded(3,4).

· Look on Twitter. Sometimes individual events come up, so its worth following other nutritional professionals and organisations who may share these events (5).

· Diabetes UK. A charity which offer resources training and events for professionals (6).

· Future Learn. An online resource where we can learn from experts in the field. Sometimes will have to pay for the certificates (7).

· The Association for Nutrition. They offer a list of endorsed CPD activities (8).

· The Health and Nutrition Bookclub. This is a bookclub ran by Holly Roper. You can join on Facebook. Every other month we read a new book, often have the chance to talk with the author and have a structured discussion (9).

· The World Cancer Research Fund. On the health care professionals’ part of their website they offer resources. You can apply for a resources pack (10).

· British Sign Language. Offer a CPD certified course to help enhance communication skills. This is £3 for students but they do give you a year to complete the course (11).

Are You Looking To Organise Your Portfolio?

The AfN offer a great resource for nutritionists (1) while the hpcp website has a great area for dietitians (12).

Details to record include:

· The type of CPD.

· Who it was by?

· The date it was recorded/ date you attended it.

· What it was called?

· Who presented it? Their social media/ contact details.

· An outline/ description.

· 3 reflections (overall learning and how it will apply to future practice).

· Do you have a certificate or evidence of attendance?



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