• Emilia


Everything is feeling very surreal.

I have been looking at my diary this week and my plans. I remember writing all my deadlines down at the start of last semester including: dissertation due, group report due, project launch due. It was all due in the same week, and we had exciting plans to celebrate.

That week of busy deadlines, its this week.

I submitted my dissertation yesterday! I was excited and nervous and happy all at once... exactly how I thought it would be. I guess it also kind of feels like it actually hasn't gone in, maybe because the day was completely different to what I was expected.

It is different, but I know at the end of the day I have learnt so much over this past year at Uni and from my dissertation and then over the past 2 months of lock down and yes our "normal" has changed, but maybe at the end of this, we might see a better version of "normal".

Emilia x

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