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EcoRefill – review & ideas

After talking with EcoRefill and learning about their brand ethos I have recently collaborated with them. EcoRefill are a zero-waste online store. I was so impressed by their journey and their inspirations and was excited to work with them. Very kindly EcoRefill sent me some of their products of my choosing to try and I am excited to share with you my thoughts today. They are a great brand and communicate well with their customers. If you like them too, you can use my code NN20 for 20% off.

One of the first things I tried was the earl grey rooibos tea with some chocolate buttons. The tea smelt and tasted delicious with that classic smokiness of a roobios tea. Its not everyone’s favourite but I love it and, in this blend, it was quite subtle. The chocolate buttons tasted like such high quality and I really enjoyed the slight bitterness to them more characteristic of dark chocolate. I had some much fun with the popping corn and every single piece popped so I was very impressed!

I loved experimenting with their mustard seeds, crushing them and adding them to salad dressings and curry’s. Their lentils are also perfect to add to curry’s for some additional fibre. Further, a 80g portion of pulses counts towards 1 of your 5 a-day and a 150g portion is a portion of protein. The pickling blend is such a great idea and added a new depth to pickling cucumber! This is a perfect side dish or incorporated into a salad.

One of my favourite muffins is a lemon and poppy seed but I had never made one; I was inspired to do make them after seeing poppy seeds on EcoRefills website. They were delicious! I have the recipe for you here. This highlights another thing I really like about them, they have a few products which are not usually part of my stock cupboard but seeing them on there and being able to order the amount which I liked so I could try them I really enjoyed.

I enjoy rice every now and again in a recipe but sometimes I can find it a little boring. I saw EcoRefills wild rice and was super excited by it. I love the interest the rainbow of colours adds to a plate, but it’s not just aesthetic. It had a deep, nutty taste which went perfectly with this grilled marrow and broccolini dish I made. You can find this recipe here.

They have so many other eco-friendly products from shampoos to deodorants and bamboo toothbrushes. I ordered a toothbrush outside of our collaboration and have been loving using it. It is an exciting and fun experience which I loved being a part off. We had a little problem with delivery, but this was not their fault and as soon as I spoke with EcoRefill they had it stored straight away, so they are a very reliable team.

What I like about EcoRefill is that it is plastic free, it is online, and you can order the exact amount of what you need which helps to reduce food waste. If you like what you see on their online, zero waste pantry, you can use my code NN20 for 20% off.

Please remember with sustainability, it is not about being “eco perfect” or doing everything. It is more about being aware and doing what we can. A sustainable diet is one which has a reduced impact on the environment while contributing too all of our nutritional, social, economic and cultural requirements.


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