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I graduated!

Yesterday was the day I should have graduated. It was not quite how I imagined it.

I imaged a beautiful sunny day. Being surrounded by all my friends, familiar faces, and my lecturers from the past our years. I imagined it to be emotional, happy, and sad. Reminiscing memories and talking about the things we were going to miss. I imagined bubbly and smiles and tears. I imagined the Great Hall and walking across the stage to pick up my certificate (even though it's only a piece of paper!), shake hands with someone official and know I had done it!

However, the world has had different plans for the whole of the graduating class of 2020. It may not have been the graduating ceremony we imagined, but we were all in it together.

Despite not all being physically together, laughing, smiling, crying both sad and happy tears while we reminisced on what we would miss and some of the best memories. Despite there being no familiar faces who you just know from passing and no lecturers who have taught us our degrees. There were no official gowns or hats, or photographers. No official ceremony.

Despite this huge change, I was so lucky to have an incredible day. I feel lucky to have been surrounded by my family. My mum, dad and sister made it a day to remember. Starting with waking me up early with a homemade graduation cap, while being capped in one of mum’s black cardigans, like a gown! We exchanged laughter and smiles, whilst celebrating the last four years.

New things are happening and coming. We ventured out for brunch for the first time. It was good to be out, supporting the local community and to feel safe at a social distance.

So, a huge thank you to my family, who made it a day to remember. Here is to the next chapter of our lives. And here’s to my sister, starting a new one of her’s… she has just been accepted to an MSc course herself and I could not be prouder of her, or more excited that we will both be Master’s students together next year!

I am sad that it is over, but I am so happy it happened.

Emilia x


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