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food and heart health

Following on from the previous piece I wrote for Rhitrition on cholesterol, I have followed it up with this one on cardiovascular disease. Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the most common cause of death worldwide, with an estimated 17.9 million people dying from it each year (1). However, it is important to know that our risk of CVD can be reduced through changes in our lifestyles (1,2) including adjustements to our dietary patterns and physical activity (3).

In this piece, I defined what CVD is, the types and risk factors before going into how food can have a positive or a negative effect on our health health.

The overall take aways from this blog are:

  • Aim for a balanced diet.

  • Aim to increase our fibre intake and foods rick in polyphenols.

  • Swap unsaturated fats in and saturated fats out.

  • Reduce trans fats, salt and sugar intake.



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