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last dissertation meeting

So this feels very surreal, I think it is finally starting to hit that I am coming to my end of being a student at the University of Leeds. I just had my last meeting with my dissertation tutor, I am currently completing my final edits and it hadn't felt real until this point. With lectures and seminars seemingly finished with self-isolation starting and everything changing so much, so fast, I guess I just hadn't thought about my time in Leeds coming to an end.

Without all the traditional end of year celebrations and time in the park enjoying the weather with friends, it had not really felt like it was the end of the academic year, let along that we are graduating. Everything has changed so much in the past few weeks, but the fact that this is the end of our time at Leeds has not changed, and I had not thought about that too much until today.

I feel sad that we do not get too do all the things we'd planned and traditional things to celebrate our last four years. But keeping positive about it all. Remembering how lucky I currently am to be home with my family. Keeping positive knowing the future may be different but it will get better; maybe be even better than it was before. Keeping positive knowing we will graduate, no matter how different it is from what we thought it would be. So despite this, I know how lucky I am.

Emilia x


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