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4 nicholas sparks books

Nicholas Sparks has to be one of my favourite authors, but I hadn't read any of his recent novels. Since rediscovering my kindle, I've been reading through these titles, and thought I'd share a few of my thoughts on them!

The Return. I started with this book as the first one of Sparks' stories I've read in a while. I think spoke along similar lines of "Safe Haven", a favourite book of mine, which is why I think I enjoyed this story so much. In this book you follow the main character, Trevor, to see true kindness, selflessness, and love.

Every Breath. Out of the books I've read recently, this is the one that entranced me. I loved the story, and how personally it was told by Sparks', a style which I haven't read before. I loved the different settings chosen, the imagery used and felt connected to the character's journey. I dream of visiting a place even close to Kindred Spirit. A magical story.

See Me. I followed with this book. Wow what an adventure of emotions, and unexpected changes in relationships between characters. It is an interesting read, which kept me guessing, and continued to surprise me. Once I clicked onto what Sparks was trying to convey to the reader, without the characters yet knowing, I felt myself trying to tell Colin what he needed to know for safety - I had to stop myself from reading ahead!

Two by Two. This was the most recent book I've read. I guess you could say there was nothing special about this storyline, but I would have to disagree. Following the challenges and successes of someone's everyday life, was special & reassuring to read. I thought it was beautifully written, and you could relate to the internal turmoil of Russ. I'd describe it as a beautifully simple read with a warm message that no one should have to walk through life alone.

One of the reasons I think I love Sparks books so much is that they always come to a round end - sometimes how you imagine, sometimes not, but I like that you get to know what happens to the characters on their journeys. Also, I always learn something, from the wise lines of characters like Marge in "Two by Two", to some great facts (often about wildlife I seem to find?!) like bees in "The Return"!


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