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still me - jojo moyes

Book Review.

I have had this book, "Still Me" by Jojo Moyes, for years. It always interested me but has sat untouched. Recently, I had re-found my love for reading, and so pulled it off my bookshelf and begun to read. I cannot believe I had not opened it before! From the first page, I was hocked!

I have loved this book, it was beautifully written, I felt as if I was in Louisa’s shoes. I could hear different accents, expressions, feeling,s and emotions. You could hear the characters shout, and whisper, and every emotion as they felt them. It made me both laugh out loud and cry. I had to stop myself reading ahead, as I was so interested to find out about Louisa’s journey in New York and saying “Yes” to all new opportunities.

We begin the story after Louisa lost to love of her life, and she is in a dark place. She has met someone new, Sam, and has a supportive family, but needs something different. That is where this job opportunity in New York, working for the Gopniks. It is a household full of tension and secrets, which we learn and keep with Louisa. For months Louisa’s life revolves around Mrs. Gopniks every move and secret, but the secrets start to crumble.

Louisa finds herself in some tricky situations and without knowing many people in New York, and not being able to go home, but she does have a few friends and an unexpected ally for support.

This is an excellent read for someone who loves a funny, love-filled, emotional book. We follow Louisa Clark to explore this new world in New York, becoming confident, and brave, watching her new friendships and life in New York, all while staying true to herself. We finish following Louisa's journey with, well, to me, an unexpected ending - but I guess that's the beauty of opening our eyes to different people's perspectives.

If you read/ have read this book, please get in touch, I would love to hear your thoughts too!

Emilia x


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