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Squash & Leek Risotto

26th April 2020


6 Portions


1 hour 20 mins

Delicious, wholesome meal. Perfect for the whole family.


* 1½ Squash
* 3 Tbsp Vegetable Oil
* 25g Butter
* 3 White Onions
* 2 Cloves Garlic
* 2 Celery Sticks
* 2 Large Leeks
* 500g Risotto Rice
* 250ml White Wine
* 1.5L Vegetable Stock (Roughly)
* 250g Parmesan
* Salt and Pepper to taste

* A Few Sage Leaves
* A Handful of Kale
* A Sprinkle of Sesame Seeds


1. Preheat the oven to 180degreesC.

2. Prepare the squash by cutting it into 2cm cubes, drizzle with 1tbsp of vegetable oil, season with salt and pepper and place in the oven. After 35 minutes, when it is soft, take out about half of the squash. Leavethe rest in for another 5-10 minutes to crisp up.**

3. While the squash is cooking, dice the white onions into 1.5cm pieces and crush the garlic, and set to one side.

4. Chop up the leek and celery into 1.5cm pieces, they will cook down and you want to know they are there and set to one side.

5. Let's start cooking the risotto! In a large pan, heat up the rest of the vegetable oil and butter, on medium heat. You want the butter to start to turn into a golden brown. This is called a beurre noisette and will add a lovely, deep nutty flavour to the base of the risotto.

6. Turn the heat to a medium-low, adding in the white onion and garlic and cook until the onion is soft and translucent. You do not want to add any colour to it.

7. Then add the leek and celery, and stir until soft.

8. After about 5 minutes of cooking, turn the heat back to medium and add all of the risotto rice and keep stirring for another 5 minutes. This will help deepen the flavour of your risotto.

9. Turn the heat to medium-high, add in the white wine and reduce down, so almost liquid is in the pan.

10. At this point, you are ready to start adding the stock. Turn the heat to medium so the risotto is simmering and add enough to cover the risotto rice, continually stir. Once some of the liquid has been absorbed, add some more. Continually stirring, adding stock bit by bit.

11. You know your risotto is cooked when you take out the grains of rice and put them on a hard surface and when you squash them with the back of a spoon, they should be fully translucent. If there are speck or lines of white inside the grain, this is the starch and means it is not yet cooked. Keep adding stock until the grains are soft and translucent the whole way through (this may require a little more or less than the recipe recommends).

12. While the risotto is cooking, that the squash which you took out after 30 minutes which is nice and soft, blitz until smooth, adding a little of the vegetable stock to loosen the mixture.

13. At this point the risotto rice should nearly be cooked, add the blitzed squash as the final bit of liquid, continually stirring until the consistency is thick.

14. Add the parmesan, holding a little back for serving.

15. I like to serve it with the chunks of golden brown squash you took out of the oven second (If you don't want to do this, take all of the squash out after about 35 minutes when it is soft).**

16. I also like to serve it with kale crisped in the oven with a little vegetable, sesame seeds and seasoning, it'll take 5-10minutes at 180degreesC.

17. And top it with sage lightly fried in a frying pan in vegetable oil, it should take less than a minute. Once cooked, drain off the excess of on the sage by placing it on a paper napkin. Enjoy!

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