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Hello, I am Emilia, and I am @nutritionnourishmet on Instagram.

I am just about to finish my BSc Food Science and Nutrition (Hons) at the University of Leeds, including 13 months where I studied Nutrition, Psychology and Exercise modules at Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia.

I have been becoming more plant-based for years, firstly to do with budget, being a student I could not afford much else. Then learning about processing and carcinogens, I started to cut out processed meat. In Australia, it seemed a natural move to cut out meat altogether for me, and as it has not affected my health and well-being, I have continued eating like this. I try and reduce my dairy intake, often opting for plant-based milks. This is for animal welfare, the environment and my health. My diet is quite flexible, moving around foods, altering my diet to my health and life, but overall I define it as a plant-based diet. To me, a plant-based diet means reducing animal and animal-based products and increasing consumption of plant-based products including fruits, vegetables and legumes.

I love my degree, and the more I have studied, the more interested I become. Another passion of mine is cooking, which I can remember doing my whole life. I was fortunate enough to complete work experience at Le Manoir aux Quat’ Saisons before I moved to Australia, and on coming back and completing a trial shift, I was offered a job as a Commis Chef. It is such an inspiring environment to work in, and I am continually learning something new about flavours, cooking and plating.

My passions are nutrition, wellness, movement and cooking. This has all come together in my Instagram @nutritionnourishment, for which I love creating content and learning from others. Next year, I will be in London, studying a Masters in Nutrition. I hope to work in this field and help others. I attend nutrition webinars whenever I can and read about the subject to gain as much knowledge and views I can.

As an aspiring nutritionist, my advice is to be happy with your diet and your health; only you know your own body so do not follow others “what I ate in a day plans” because it is likely your body will react differently to others. If you are concerned about anything, ask for help from a registered nutritionist or dietitian.

I love learning and am applying to become an Associate Nutritionist after I have completed my BSc. I am excited about my MSc in Nutrition and would be so grateful for any advice, experience, opportunities, or courses any accredited Nutritionist, Dietitian or anyone else has to offer. Please contact me directly through my Instagram: @nutritionnourishment or email: emilia@nutritionnourishment.com

Thank you for reading and have a lovely day.

Emilia x

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